Do you struggle with your hair in the morning in front of the mirror?

Why shouldn’t your hair look great every day? Choose one of the stylish cuts that we’ve developed so you can easily style your hair at home. You can finally leave your hat at home, and only take it out when it’s really cold!

The reason why most people have trouble styling their hair at home is because it isn’t cut well! It’s especially difficult if you have a cowlick here or there, which may be cute when you’re growing up but is not at all fashionable these days!

If you’re tired of your hair not looking the way you want it to in the morning or before a date, then visit our salon and choose a style to suit you.


The StyleBar N5 haircut for men comprises the following services:

  • Wash and conditioning – with shampoo and conditioner designed specially for men
  • Invigorating head massage
  • Cut according to the selected style
  • Styling
  • Tips for styling at home


Your hair will be easy to handle at home and you can lead your life looking fresh, stylish and well groomed!


If you want your hair to look its best, call us now on +36 1 950 4815 or +36 30 224 2241 to make an appointment.